020 | 罗诉韦德被推翻两周年:为了反抗的纪念 Two-Year Anniversary of the Overturning of Roe v. Wade


2022年6月,美国最高法院推翻了维持了半个世纪的联邦宪法保障女性堕胎权的里程碑式判决——罗诉韦德案(Roe v. Wade)。取而代之的是道布斯案(Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization),声称将堕胎权问题归还各州处理。这一决定引发了全国范围内的激烈争议,持续至今。 在本期播客中,我们将深入分析过去两年各州议会在堕胎权立法和司法审查上的激烈博弈,探讨堕胎权在全国范围内的可及性危机,回顾联邦法院在堕胎权相关议题上作出的若干重要判决,并展望堕胎权在即将到来的2024年大选中可能发挥的作用。



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00:02:45 堕胎问题的“州权”和“反扑”

00:04:09 各州的堕胎相关新立法

00:06:39 德州极端堕胎法造成医疗危机后民主党擦屁股

00:09:41 为何各州反堕胎立法漏洞频出

00:14:51 州最高法院引人瞩目的堕胎判决和后果

00:18:37 亚利桑那州高院反堕胎判决是如何起到反效果的

00:22:46 堕胎权公投和选举:“仁义不施而攻守之势异”

00:29:26 堕胎权在全国的可及性危机

00:35:38 联邦最高法院持续介入堕胎权问题

00:36:18 米非司酮案:保守派法官削弱行政部门

00:49:43 紧急堕胎医疗与“医生的良心”

00:56:33 古老的Comstock法案与今天的堕胎权

01:05:04 堕胎权被推翻会引发其他“隐私权”重审吗

01:14:06 美国和其他国家的堕胎权发展史大相径庭

01:21:39 特朗普摇摆不定的堕胎权立场

01:27:16 全国堕胎权禁令和堕胎权与大选的未来

01:36:16 高院在米非司酮案中支持FDA的前因后果

01:39:56 推翻“雪佛龙尊重”和堕胎权行政诉讼

01:47:56 高院未表态紧急堕胎医疗案中的实质问题








【 What We Talked About】

In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court overturned the milestone opinion that ensured women’s right to abortion in the federal Constitution for half a century – Roe v. Wade. Instead, the Dobbs opinion proclaimed to return the issue of abortion to the states. For the past two years, controversies surrounding abortion rights have only grown louder nationwide.

This episode of the podcast analyzes the interplay between state legislative enactments and judicial review on the issue of abortion rights over the past two years, the national accessibility crisis of abortion rights, several decisions produced by federal courts on abortion-related issues, and the potential role of abortion rights in the upcoming 2024 elections.

This episode was initially recorded on May 19th and supplemented on July 3rd following the latest Supreme Court decisions.

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00:02:45 “State rights” and “backlash” of the abortion question

00:04:09 New state legislations on abortion

00:06:39 Extreme abortion laws in Texas cause a medical crisis while Democrats try to save the day

00:09:41 Why are anti-abortion state laws full of loopholes

00:14:51 Eye-catching state supreme court abortion decisions and consequences

00:18:37 How the Arizona Supreme Court’s anti-abortion decision backfired

00:22:46 Abortion right on the ballot and in the elections: “When benevolence and righteousness are not practiced, the balance of attack and defense shall alter.”

00:29:26 National accessibility crisis of abortion rights

00:35:38 Federal Supreme Court continues to weigh in on abortion rights

00:36:18 Mifepristone case: conservative justices weaken the administrative state

00:49:43 EMTALA, emergency abortion care, and “a doctor’s conscience”

00:56:33 Ancient Comstock Act and today’s abortion rights

01:05:04 Will overturning abortion rights lead to a retrial of other “privacy rights”?

01:16:06 American abortion rights as an international anti-trend

01:21:39 Swinging abortion position of Trump

01:27:16 National abortion ban, and the future of abortion rights and the elections

01:36:16 How the Supreme Court supported the FDA in the mifepristone case

01:39:56 Overturning “Chevron deference” and administrative litigation of abortion rights

01:47:56 Supreme Court failed to substantively rule on the EMTALA abortion case

【Who We Are】

The American Roulette is a podcast dedicated to helping the Chinese-speaking community understand fast-changing U.S. politics.

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王浩岚 (Haolan Wang): American political enthusiast, chief writer at Lán Mù WeChat Official Account, and peddler of information

Talich:Aficionado of American politics, culture, and history

Nancy:Princeton Politics PhD student, Yale Law School graduate


嘉宾推荐的论文: Roe Rage: Democratic Constitutionalism and Backlash https://law.yale.edu/sites/default/files/documents/pdf/Faculty/Siegel_RoeRageDemocraticConstitutionalismAndBacklash.pdf

推翻雪佛龙尊重的高院重磅判决: Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo https://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/loper-bright-enterprises-v-raimondo/

一氧化二氮(笑气)与氮氧化物(大气污染物): This is why the Supreme Court shouldn’t try to do the EPA’s job https://newrepublic.com/article/183285/supreme-court-chevron-gorsuch-nitrous-oxide

保护堕胎权能帮到拜登么? Abortion rights win big in 2023 elections. Can it help Biden win too? https://podcast.theamericanroulette.com/episodes/minimidterm