006 | 迈克・约翰逊都能当议长了,他行吗? The Ascension of Mike Johnson













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01:05 回顾第一轮推选议长的过程(兼对上上次播客里的预测的回顾)

03:08 乔丹是怎么输的

08:26 第二轮选举,约翰逊怎么赢的

11:11 约翰逊的资历和他胜选和关系

18:11 约翰逊曾担任主席的学习委员会是怎么回事

23:22 当议长需要什么技能和人脉

28:23 临时拨款协议对约翰逊的挑战

30:49 约翰逊如何解决党内关于堕胎的矛盾

40:43 约翰逊会如何解决两党关于军援/边境安全的拨款问题

44:58 麦康奈尔、拜登、和共和党保守派在外交问题上的矛盾

49:00 议长最重要的权力:议程设置

50:54 约翰逊的蜜月期会有多长

52:18 约翰逊的个人形像对共和党的选情有多重要

55:50 特朗普为什么可以频频踩福音派的红线还不受惩罚

01:00:34 接下来两周的看点



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【 What We Talked About】

If the ascension of Mike Johnson to the office of speaker of the House proves one thing, it’s that “keeping a low profile and biding your time” actually works. So who is Mike Johnson? What challenges does he face as the new speaker? How would he go about it? In this episode, we talk about the ins and outs of what it takes to become speaker of the House.

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【Timeline】 01:05 Overview of what happened in the previous rounds of selection (and to see how right or wrong our predictions in the previous episode turned out to be)

03:08 How Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan lost

08:26 How did Johnson win the second round of the election?

11:11 Johnson’s credentials, his electoral success and connections

18:11 What happened to the Republican Study Committee Johnson once chaired?

23:22 What skills and connections are needed to be the speaker?

28:23 One of Johnson’s first tests as speaker: Continuing Resolution(CR)

30:49 How will Johnson resolve the conflict within the Republican party over abortion policy?

40:43 How would Johnson resolve the bipartisan funding issue for military aid/border security?

44:58 Conflicts between McConnell, Biden, and Republican conservatives on foreign affairs issues

49:00 The speaker’s most important power: agenda setting

50:54 How long will Johnson’s “honeymoon phase” be?

52:18 How important is Johnson’s personal branding to GOP’s upcoming elections?

55:50 Why Trump can repeatedly cross Evangelical’s red lines with impunity

01:00:34 What to watch for in the next two weeks

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The American Roulette’s predecessor is “iAmElection”, a Chinese-language podcast created by Tianlong You, Talich, Yao Lin, and Qiaoy Zhuangi in 2015. The podcast brought together a group of scholars, lawyers, media veterans, observers and enthusiasts who care about American politics. At the height of its popularity, it was featured in the New York Times, and attracted an estimated 70,000 audience who listened each month. For the 2020 election, Talich and others relaunched the podcast as "美轮美换" with 16 new episodes.

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王浩岚 (Haolan Wang): American political enthusiast, chief writer at Lán Mù WeChat Official Account, and peddler of information

寄馀生(Ji Yusheng): Comparative politics enthusiast

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