014 | TikTok 的命运和历史进程 A tick tock for TikTok

TikTok 和字节跳动何去何从





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1:21 TikTok事件不那么新的进展

3:20 TikTok危机:2020年与现状对比

8:20 字节跳动和TikTok在华府的策略失误?

13:05 TikTok的“弹窗”策略过火了吗?

19:37 “中国公司” vs. “美国公司”

21:25 Jeff Yass角色和特朗普的态度

24:30 中国背景的全球公司面临的困境

27:26 如何与美国媒体有效沟通

29:45 哪些人在反对TikTok法案

34:25 拜登与民主党对TikTok的矛盾态度

40:28 TikTok和哈马斯以色列冲突、年轻选民以及大选

45:38 用户隐私法案与Maria Cantwell

51:00 TikTok法案通过之后的走向

59:04 特朗普如再次当选对TikTok会有怎样的影响

1:00:19 4月23日之后的最新进展

1:08:23 迈克·约翰逊态度的大转变

1:18:10 拜登签字生效之后会发生什么?





杨方曦(Ivy Yang):小波咨询创始人、FT中文专栏作家


【 What We Talked About】

Both chambers of the U.S. Congress recently approved a $95 billion foreign aid package that includes a clause mandating ByteDance to divest TikTok. President Biden acted swiftly, signing the bill into law on April 24th, thrusting TikTok into another existential crisis in the U.S. What lies ahead for TikTok? How will this situation unfold? And what implications might this have for other global companies with ties to China?

This episode was initially recorded in early April. With the latest development, some of the original content has become outdated. We recorded an update on April 23 to reflect the latest developments.

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1:21 Not-so-recent developments in the TikTok situation

3:20 The TikTok crisis: 2020 vs. now

8:20 Did ByteDance and TikTok make strategic errors in DC?

13:05 Has TikTok's “push notification strategy” gone too far?

19:37 "Chinese company" versus "American company"

21:25 Jeff Yass's role and Trump's stance

24:30 The challenges faced by global companies with Chinese backgrounds

27:26 How to effectively communicate with U.S. media

29:45 Who is opposing the TikTok bill

34:25 Biden and the Democratic Party's conflicting views on TikTok

40:28 TikTok, the Hamas-Israel conflict, young voters, and elections

45:38 The privacy bill and Maria Cantwell’s involvement

51:00 The direction things might go after the TikTok bill is passed

59:04 How would a Trump re-election affect TikTok

1:00:19 Latest updates after April 23

1:08:23 Mike Johnson’s flip-flop

1:18:10 What will happen after Biden signs the bill

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The American Roulette is a podcast dedicated to helping the Chinese-speaking community understand fast-changing U.S. politics.

Our Hosts and Guests:

王浩岚 (Haolan Wang): American political enthusiast, chief writer at Lán Mù WeChat Official Account, and peddler of information

杨方曦 (Ivy Yang): Founder of Wavelet Strategy, FT Chinese columnist

小华 (Xiao Hua): Journalist, political observer